The Bennett Foddy

The Bennett Foddy

The Bennett Foddy - try to climb as high as possible!

This game is an experience.
Will it be good? Bad? Frustrating?
That's all up to you, and to what kind of person you are, as this game is not for everyone, but it certainly is for me and the likes.

This game is not for you if you are impatient.
This game is not for you if you can't accept you won't be good from the start.
This game is not for you if you can't handle frustration the slightest.
This game is not for you if you are not up for a difficult challange.
Finally, this game is not for you if you don't have any fun with it The Bennett Foddy .

The controls are interesting The Bennett Foddy, your hammer is not one on one with your cursor as one would expect, it's a little more complicated than that The Bennett Foddy. Your mouse moves an in-game cursor which your hammer will attempt to move forward to, while the cursor too will return to the hammer if you don't keep it where you want it. You are in no direct control of your character, or your hammer, your objective is to recognize it's ebb and flow, catch it's drift, and float along it, get more and more use to it the more you play, because it is everything in this game.

The game is hard to pick up, hard to start, you will definitely need some kind of motivation to keep going, but the true reward of this game is mastering it's controls, even if you don't actively compete in the game's speedrunning community, a self imposed achievement one could say. Especially true for me, personally.

Progress is not vertical in this game, progress is your journey of 'truly' conquering the mountain, and it's unusual controls The Bennett Foddy.

If you'd like a new experience with a huge challange, and willing to push yourself to earn your own fun, whatever you find it in, then I can wholeheartedly recommend this game.

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The Bennett Foddy 1.0
Price: Free
Current Version: 1.0
Installs: 10 - 50
Rating average: aggregate Rating (5.0 out of 5)
Requirements: Android 4.3+
Content Rating: Everyone
Package name: com.benett.ovver

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