Pixelmon New Generation: GO craft & build Cube mod

Pixelmon New Generation: GO craft & build Cube mod

Craft and build! Catch all pixelmon in your collection now for free. GO catch!

Research, survival, an open world, a variety of crafting and much more is waiting for you in the online world cube! Pixelmons are already waiting for you! Exploration of the game to survive with pixelmons! Build and craft gameplay in the new game of 2018. A beautiful block for girls, be real princesses. You will be helped by craft and a lot of pixel balls around the world. Journey to the secret islandSuper online survival with a multi-craft mode with real pixelmons! Share the secrets of the game with your friends! Find out how to build a city, shop, hospital and your house. Craft much for its construction.The world of pixelmons! Build craft blocks for pixelmons. You will be able to build a pixel arena from the blocks for combats with other players and shooting at monsters. Gain experience, perform a mini mission to become a real hunter for pixelmones.After you are confident in yourself, go to the arena of pixelmons. In this arena there are battles. Battles with other players online! Multi-craft with your friends. You can play with your friends together absolutely for free. In his village, build a training arena, a hospital, shops, a recreation center. Think of any name of your city! A very simple and easy menu for crafting, with which all will cope. The game has a clue how and what crafting for construction! You will be able to do everything! A lot of different worlds: forest, sea, lakes and towns. In different worlds live different pixelmons. More than 100 pixelmons in the game, which can become your pets. Catch them in your colltection with the help of a player and collect your pixelmon collection. You will have the coolest collection of pixelmons in this game! Different skins for boys and girls. You can live in this game all day! Very interesting game 2018. The best study of light this season.Update 2018 for you:
- Online servers + Multiplayer
- Crafting and Building
- Cube pixel blocks for build
- Open World (Change of day and night)
- Weather in the game
- Fashion history, creative mod, mode creator, story mod
- Multi-craft system of the world
- Explore the world of light
- Pixelmon abilities for battles
- Battle arena for pixelmones
- More than 100 new pixelmons
- Survival in the game
- Sandpits
- Adventure, fairy tale, magic

Soon the update of the new 2018 season:
- Adding to friends and playing in groups
- More pixelmons
- Survival mode with other players: creating a city army, getting weapons and fighting against monsters and zombie casts!

Download right now, absolutely free boys and girls. Play together on the online server. Good luck to you, friends!

Download Pixelmon New Generation: GO craft & build Cube mod 2 APK

Pixelmon New Generation: GO craft & build Cube mod 2
Price: Free
Current Version: 2
Installs: 100+
Rating average: aggregate Rating (5.0 out of 5)
Requirements: Android 4.1+
Content Rating: Everyone
Package name: com.dimaivanoffent.pixelmongocraftandbuildmulticraft