Wood Carving - Woodturning

Wood Carving - Woodturning

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"✨✨ Aren’t you bored of the same content all over social media? In the sea of the same pattern, imagine having a game where you can express your creativity and have constant fun! This wood carving game can provide all that! Become a real carpenter, make desired sculpture and art of your own! Oh and the game is working even without an Internet connection, so it’s totally available for offline playing! This means that while you are waiting in a line, or traveling in the bus, or casually sitting in the park, you can play this carving game!

💥💥 What’s so great about Wood Carving Art is that it has so many amazing features. It is very simple to use because each step is clearly defined with a variety of tools to use. Challenge yourself and try to be as precise as you can be, channeling your concentration into the wood art. We guarantee limitless fun, creativity without restrictions, and delight without a doubt!

💎 Crave anything you want, there are a lot of shapes you can choose from. When it comes to levels, you don’t have to go one by one, which means if you are such an expert as a lumberjack, just go straight to the advanced levels! The woodturning simulator is giving you the real feeling of wood cutting, by turning an unshaped piece into the desired shape!

Let’s check all these amazing features of Wood Carving – Woodturning Simulator:

🟣 A lot of shapes to choose from. Pick the one you like the best, there are no restrictions!
🔵 You don’t have to go level by level! Go straight to advanced levels if you think you are good enough!
🟣 Choose the best wood chipper to make your shape just as it should be!
🔵 Smooth option. Use a smooth sponge to make your woodworking perfect.
🟣 Start woodturning. When you finish shaping, swipe to rotate the object and then drag to carve.
🔵 Endless variations of colors.
🟣 Polish and make your object shine!
🔵 If you make a mistake while carving, don’t worry you can always fix your log by watching a short ad and your shape will return at the uncarved position.
🟣 If you are not so satisfied with your work you can always try again!

🌟 If you think this was all, you are wrong. Why is this one of the best sculpting games? It’s because we didn’t stop at this point. How? Well if you want to make perfect wood art, you’ll need more than stated. We provided tones of different chisels so your object can have a shape as a real wood turner would make. All you need to do is to go to your wood shop and buy them with the coins you collected!

💎 If you go to the settings you can see that we added another incredible feature. Even though the game is made with simple steps and defined options, sometimes language can be a barrier…But not anymore! There are ten different language to choose from besides English! We made everything in our power to make this wood art game the best one in the market! Besides that, while using a wood maker you can choose an option to have haptic feedback so you can use the turning machine properly and make wood-perfect objects. Listen to relaxing music while turning a piece of wood into an artwork, or simply turn it off if you mind.

🔶 With our best designers, and developers we created a flawless app for people of all ages! And the best thing is, it’s totally free to download! With this woodturning simulator, you can fulfill your creative needs and practice your precision releasing all your artistic talents. Use your finger to shape, carve and polish and then paint until it looks like a masterpiece. Music and vibrations, coins and levels, and other different sensations provided in this game will give you a real wood-turning feeling. 🔶

Have the best time with us no matter how old you are or how strong are your abilities. Be a real lumberjack and enjoy maximum in this game with no limits!

Please feel free to make a suggestion or leave a review.
Have the best time with us, it’s what you came for!

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Wood Carving - Woodturning 1.0.12
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