Countries and capitals: flags

Countries and capitals: flags

Guess flags of countries, capitals and coats of arms. Complete all 579 levels.

This quiz game gives you the opportunity to test your knowledge of the flags of all the countries available in the quiz. Can you tell the New Zealand flag from the Australian flag? Or the flag of Poland from the flag of Indonesia and the flag of Monaco? With the help of the gameplay, you can do everything.
There are 193 countries available in the quiz: countries of Asia, Europe, Africa, North and South America.

At first the levels will be easy, but gradually they will become more difficult. Hone your skills from level to level. Great Britain, Germany, France, Italy, USA, Japan - is it easy for you? Then what about Burundi, Lesotho or Suriname? A list is available in the quiz game, thanks to which you can get acquainted with the countries, their capitals, flags, coats of arms.

There are 3 categories available in the game:

2) Capitals
3) Coats of arms

Passing the levels of the quiz you will have to face 3 modes:

1) You need to enter a name
2) You need to choose 1 of 4 pictures
3) You need to choose 1 name out of 4

In some modes, lives will be available to you when you answer incorrectly - you lose 1 life.
In addition to the static quiz levels, you can test your strength in 60 seconds mode. In this mode, you need to give as many correct answers as possible in 60 seconds. In this mode, you can choose the category you want to play: countries, capitals, coats of arms.

If something doesn't work for you, then use the hint. There are 3 types of hints available to you:

1) Opens the letter in the name
2) Removes 2 wrong answers
3) Skips a level

Having passed all the levels, you will be able to easily distinguish the flags of European countries, flags of African countries, flags of Asian countries, coats of arms and flags of countries of the world.
Interested in heraldry? Then you will like to complete levels with the coats of arms of countries. Interested in flags of the world? Then you need a country category. Or are you interested in the capitals of Europe? There is a category for everyone.

It's no secret that in the form of a game information is remembered better. The quiz game is proof of this. Do you like to travel or are you just curious? Do you like world geography or do you want to be an erudite? European countries, world capitals, flags - everything you need in one place. The flags of the countries are so colorful and bright. Each of us knows many countries, but can we indicate the flags of these countries? And what about the coats of arms of countries? It's even more difficult. Therefore, the flags of the countries of the world in the form of a quiz is a great way to both have fun and learn. And in general, the ability to distinguish flags will not be superfluous. This quiz is perfect for everyone.

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