Time Battle War

Time Battle War

Embark on epic clan wars across ages in this strategic battle game!

Welcome to Time Battle War : A Strategic Time-Traveling Adventure!

Embark on a Journey Through Ages:
Step into Time Battle War, where history and strategy collide in an epic summon-battle game. Travel across time, from ancient ages to futuristic battles, commanding forces that evolve from primitive warriors to advanced cyborgs and mystic creatures. Each era offers new challenges and opportunities to enhance your strategic gameplay.

Epic Clan Wars Across Time:
Lead your clan in thrilling battles through different timelines. Engage in strategic clashes where the right decision can turn the tide of war. With each victory, your warriors gain strength, but with each new era, you must adapt your strategy to the evolving battlefield conditions.

Evolve and Strategize:
Start with basic troops and simple defenses and progress to commanding powerful dragons, cunning zombies, and futuristic machines. As you travel through time, you'll reset your upgrades but gain access to stronger units and more sophisticated strategies.

Collect Powerful Cards and Summon Allies:
Utilize a unique card collection system to summon allies and cast powerful spells. These cards provide significant boosts to your troops, affecting their health, attack power, and special abilities. Strategically choose which cards to upgrade and when to deploy them in battle to maximize your clan's potential.

Build and Defend:
Construct impenetrable defenses and lay siege to enemy towers. Each timeline brings different environments and defense strategies. From the great stone castles of the medieval age to high-tech defense systems of the future, ensure your stronghold can withstand any attack.

Unlock and Master Diverse Skills:
As your journey progresses, unlock a variety of skills that can alter the course of battle. From summoning meteor showers to time warping spells, these abilities can be the key to victory in crucial moments. Upgrade and choose your skills wisely to suit your battle strategy.

Participate in Global Events:
Take part in exciting global events where clans from around the world clash for supremacy. Compete in these events to earn rare rewards, showcase your strategic prowess, and climb the ranks to become a legendary warlord.

A Saga of Strategy and Conquest:
Time Battle War is not just a game; it's a saga of power, strategy, and conquest. Engage in a deep, strategic gameplay that challenges you to think on your feet, adapt to various ages, and outsmart your opponents.

Download Time Battle War now and lead your clan to victory through the sands of time. Prepare for battle, the ages await your command!

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Time Battle War 1.0.3
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Current Version: 1.0.3
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Requirements: Android
Content Rating: Everyone
Package name: com.battle.strategy.war.legends.time

What's New in Time-Battle-War 1.0.3

    Welcome to Time Battle War – Version 1.0 Release Notes

    Start Your Time-Travelling Conquest Today!

    We are excited to announce the global launch of Time Battle War! Dive into a dynamic world where strategy and history collide. Create units, manage resources, and battle through the ages to forge an empire that stands the test of time.

    Download Time Battle War now and start your journey through the annals of history. Build your empire, command your armies, and conquer the world one era at a time!