Destruction Simulator: Teardown all

Destruction Simulator: Teardown all

Destruction simulator - destroy objects in different ways

A game with a destructible environment. Destroy home interiors with weapons and enjoy the effects of destruction.

Destroy the house with different guns. Smash the interiors of the house with bullets.
There are two modes in this game and each mode has a level of free mode:
Realistic modern house.
Low poly city.

The player will take on the role of a professional disassembler. The main task of the hero is to completely destroy everything that surrounds you! Physically realistic destruction simulator: relieve stress, just relax and enjoy the effects of destruction.

You need to be the best engineer to destroy the house in the best destruction game. Use your skills.

In Building Destruction, use weapons to destroy a house, demolish apartment buildings, or even the entire city! Enjoy the best explosion and destruction game.Teardown has many different buildings and blocks. Destroy everything around you! Game according to the laws of physics.

Destruction Simulator, obeying the laws of physics, where you can roam and destroy buildings and statues. Granny-imagine that your neighbor is an evil grandmother, you can safely take revenge on her by destroying her home. You need to explore the house to find all the target props and smash! A game of destruction, with the best physics and reality. Find and destroy all the props to complete the level. House Destruction, destroy objects with different weapons. Be an angry wife or an angry neighbor and smash the house.

There are no clearly defined goals in demolition simulator. You can just blow things up - it's a destruction simulator! For example: destruction of houses, destruction of cars.

Destroy simulator has more realism, more three-dimensional models, and optimized graphics performance that allow the game to work even on older devices.

Even if you hate (or once did) studying physics at school, you will love this game. We all know that the physics of simulation games is only an approximation to real physics... but in any case, it's a lot of fun. Just destroy everything around you!

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Destruction Simulator: Teardown all 0.1.2
Price: Free
Current Version: 0.1.2
Installs: 100,000+
Rating average: aggregate Rating (2.4 out of 5)
Rating users: 643
Requirements: Android 5.0+
Content Rating: Teen
Package name: com.ParapickStudio.DemolitionSim

What's New in Destruction-Simulator-Teardown-all 0.1.2

    - fixed bugs