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Unitied is a minimalistic & relaxing puzzle game. The simple goal is to finish all blocks.
You do so by moving all blocks in one direction: up, left, down or right.
The blocks have to use each other to be able to finish.

There are 50 levels, increasing in difficulty.

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Unitied 2023.09.16
가격: $1.49 Free
현재 버전: 2023.09.16
설치: 5000
등급 평균: aggregate Rating (5.0 out of 5)
요구 사항: Android 4.4+
콘텐츠 등급: Everyone
패키지 이름: com.PeterHijma.unitied

What's New in Unitied 2023.09.16

    Unitied is free now, with some ads.